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The Ultimate CRM for Independent

Sales Reps and Showrooms

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Seladex in 60 Seconds.

uniquely built
to maximize
repeat sales.

Manage, track, and grow

your recurring sales business.

Is Seladex right for you?

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Seladex features.

Simplify data and workflow.

Input leads, accounts, and orders once, and we'll display them across the platform as needed. Our CRM boosts your team's operational efficiency!

Connections that matter.

Our CRM enables you to synchronize multiple calendars, manage & map distribution, and execute email campaigns all within a single platform.

Your business at a glance.

Our dashboard delivers real-time sales data and goal tracking, keeping your team ahead and on target.

Versatile Across Diverse Industries.

Seladex effortlessly extends its capabilities to meet the demands of various B2B industries, including footwear, luxury items, home decor, and beauty & wellness products.

Is Seladex right for you?

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Success stories.

Lauren Vestal

Mobile Showroom
Memphis TN

"Seladex changed the game for us - it allowed us to centralize all of our spreadsheets into one visible, robust, collaborative platform."

Abria Allen

Dreamcatcher Sales
Dallas TX

"We have been able to eliminate a million spreadsheets, now we have access to our numbers at all times, in one shot."

Lisa Hickey

Showroom Delfina
New York, NY

"Seladex has allowed us to remain extremely organized, we are able to constantly see a snapshot of our business."

Manage it all
with easy!

Leave behind the chaos of random

documents and spreadsheets.

Is Seladex right for you?

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More highlights.

There's a list for eveything.

Seladex streamlines list creation with advanced filters for brand, geography, order history, and more, granting you a competitive sales edge.

Reporting to boost sales.

A full range of highly useful reports to help you analyze and increase sales and full range of options to customize the data specifically for your business needs.

Your business anywhere.

Our cloud-based platform provides immediate, secure access from anywhere, at any time, without the need for software installation.

cash flow & track commissions

Commissions are vital for independent sales organizations. Seladex simplifies commission tracking and illuminates brand performance.

Is Seladex right for you?


Tier 1

1 user

Full access

$89 per month

Tier 4

up to 8 users

Full access

$355 per month

Plans & Pricing

30-day free trial

Tier 2

Up to 3 users

Full access

$169 per month

Tier 5

up to 10 users

Full access

$419 per month

Is Seladex right for you?

Tier 3

up to 6 users

Full access

$285 per month


Contact our team

for custom plans.

Is Seladex right for you?

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  • Can Seladex manage and store all my accounts, contacts, leads, sales, brands, etc.?
    Yes, Seladex is designed to centralize all your critical business data, allowing you to move away from disparate documents and spreadsheets. Our platform serves as a single source of truth for your entire business ecosystem, encompassing accounts, contacts, leads, sales, and brands. With Seladex, you can make sense of all your connections effortlessly, without any limitations on the amount of data you can store. This comprehensive approach to data management streamlines your operations, enhances your decision-making capabilities, and ensures that your business information is organized, accessible, and secure.
  • What features does Seladex offer to support showroom sales processes?
    Seladex is equipped with a comprehensive suite of features tailored to enhance showroom sales processes. Our platform streamlines appointment scheduling, making it effortless to manage interactions with clients, while our order management system ensures the smooth processing and fulfillment of orders. To build stronger client relationships, Seladex facilitates detailed tracking of client interactions, preferences, and purchase histories. Additionally, users can create customizable lists for better organization of contacts and products, alongside the ability to generate in-depth sales reports. These reports, combined with detailed analytics, offer valuable insights into buyer behavior, sales performance, and opportunities for growth, providing a solid foundation for data-driven decision-making and strategy optimization. Together, these functionalities form a powerful toolset designed to improve efficiency, enhance customer satisfaction, and drive sales growth in the showroom environment.
  • Can Seladex help me track sales and commissions?
    Absolutely, Seladex provides a robust solution for tracking and managing sales across all your brands and accounts. Our platform enables you to generate detailed reports, offering insights into sales performance at both macro and micro levels. Moreover, Seladex simplifies the process of tracking commissions, allowing for accurate calculation and payout of commissions to sub-reps. This feature ensures that all sales activities are recorded and compensated accurately, streamlining your financial management and incentivizing your sales force effectively.
  • Does the CRM integrate with Google and Outlook calendars to enhance appointment scheduling for sales teams?
    Yes, our CRM offers robust integration with both Google and Outlook calendars, streamlining the appointment scheduling process for sales teams. This feature allows the CRM to connect with your calendar and automatically pull account information into future appointments. As a result, sales representatives can access historical sales background and comprehensive customer information directly within the scheduled appointment. This seamless integration ensures that your team has all the necessary data at their fingertips, enabling them to prepare effectively for meetings and tailor their approach to each customer's unique needs and history. Our goal is to make your sales process as efficient and informed as possible, enhancing customer relationships and driving sales success.
  • How does Seladex integrate with other solutions?
    Google Maps Integration: Our integration with Google Maps allows you to map distribution channels and retail locations directly within Seladex. This feature helps in visualizing your market presence and planning your sales strategy more effectively. Mailchimp Integration: We also offer seamless integration with Mailchimp, enabling you to build email lists and send campaigns directly from Seladex. This integration streamlines your marketing efforts, making it easier to engage with your clients and prospects without leaving the platform.
  • How do we get started with Seladex to enhance our sales and showroom management?
    Getting started with Seladex is straightforward and tailored to your unique business needs. Here's how the process works: Initial Consultation: We begin by setting up a meeting to understand your sales processes, business needs, and how Seladex can align with your objectives. This step ensures that our solution is the right fit for you. Live Demo: Following our initial discussion, we'll provide a live demo of Seladex, showcasing the features and capabilities that can transform your sales and management processes. Data Organization: If you decide to proceed, we assist you in organizing your data with our data templates, making the transition as smooth as possible. Initial Data Upload: We take care of all initial data uploads for you, ensuring that your system is set up with everything you need to get started. Comprehensive Training: You'll receive one-on-one training tailored to your specific needs, ensuring you and your team are fully comfortable and confident in using Seladex. Additional follow-up training is provided at no extra cost, ensuring you continue to maximize the benefits of Seladex without incurring additional expenses. 30-Day Free Trial: Enjoy unlimited access to all of Seladex's features for the next 30 days, completely free. This trial period allows you to experience the full benefits of Seladex without any obligations. Flexible Plans: If you're satisfied and wish to continue with Seladex, simply choose the plan that works best for you. There are no obligations, contracts, or commitments. You have the freedom to select the best option for your business needs.
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