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Working Smarter,
Selling More!

The Ultimate CRM for Independent

Sales Reps and Showrooms

Is Seladex right for you?


Seladex in 60 Seconds.

uniquely built
to maximize
repeat sales.

Manage, track, and grow

your recurring sales business.

Is Seladex right for you?


Seladex features.

Simplify data and workflow.

Input leads, accounts, and orders once, and we'll display them across the platform as needed. Our CRM boosts your team's operational efficiency!

Connections that matter.

Our CRM enables you to synchronize multiple calendars, manage & map distribution, and execute email campaigns all within a single platform.

Your business at a glance.

Our dashboard delivers real-time sales data and goal tracking, keeping your team ahead and on target.

Versatile Across Diverse Industries.

Seladex effortlessly extends its capabilities to meet the demands of various B2B industries, including footwear, luxury items, home decor, and beauty & wellness products.

Is Seladex right for you?


Success stories.

Lauren Vestal
Mobile Showroom
Memphis TN

"Seladex changed the game for us - it allowed us to centralize all of our spreadsheets into one visible, robust, collaborative platform."

Abria Allen
Dreamcatcher Sales
Dallas TX

"We have been able to eliminate a million spreadsheets, now we have access to our numbers at all times, in one shot."

Lisa Hickey
Showroom Delfina
New York, NY

"Seladex has allowed us to remain extremely organized, we are able to constantly see a snapshot of our business."

Manage it all
with easy!

Leave behind the chaos of random

documents and spreadsheets.

Is Seladex right for you?


More highlights.

There's a list for eveything.

Seladex streamlines list creation with advanced filters for brand, geography, order history, and more, granting you a competitive sales edge.

Reporting to boost sales.

A full range of highly useful reports to help you analyze and increase sales and full range of options to customize the data specifically for your business needs.

Your business anywhere.

Our cloud-based platform provides immediate, secure access from anywhere, at any time, without the need for software installation.

cash flow & track commissions

Commissions are vital for independent sales organizations. Seladex simplifies commission tracking and illuminates brand performance.

Is Seladex right for you?


Tier 1

1 user

Full access

$89 per month

Tier 4

up to 8 users

Full access

$355 per month

Plans & Pricing

30-day free trial

Tier 2

Up to 3 users

Full access

$169 per month

Tier 5

up to 10 users

Full access

$419 per month

Is Seladex right for you?

Tier 3

up to 6 users

Full access

$285 per month


Contact our team

for custom plans.

Is Seladex right for you?

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