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A sales CRM forged in fashion.

We speak the business of accessories & apparel

and solve problems unique to the industry.

your business

in a snapshot.

Our apparel CRM "Dashboard" summarizes your orders on a monthly & yearly basis in real-time. This makes for quick evaluation and decision making to grow your sales business.

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managing your data has never been easier.

Seladex is specifically designed with fashion and apparel in mind.  Easily add and manage all of your accounts, leads, orders, and brands in our CRM and say goodby to the clutter of disconnected and outdated spreadsheets.

there's a list for everything!

Independent sales reps and showrooms need lists like a fish needs water.

With Seladex, those lists are made simple.  Our advanced filters to help you build powerful lists based on brand, geography, order history, and so much more, giving you the sales advantage you need!

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reporting that helps you sell more!

That which gets measured gets improved.  Our CRM delivers a full range of highly useful reports to help you analyze and increase sales.  Plus a full range of options help you customize the data specifically for your business needs.

focus on sales not data entry.

Our CRM allows you to import orders from popular sales platforms like Joor & NuOrder and even standard spreadsheets. 

This saves you valuable time to do what you and your team do best... selling!

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seladex explained in 1 minute

Image by Jason Leung
Lisa @ showroom delfina

"Seladex has allowed us to remain extremely organized, we are able to constantly see a snapshot of our business." 

Lisa Hickey @ Showroom Delfina, NYC

don't take our word for it,

here it from a real boss.

A Seladex testimonial from an owner just like you.


take your sales business to the next level!

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