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Laren @ Mobile Showroom

Lauren Vestal

Mobile Showroom, Memphis TN

Before Seladex we did everything manually - we had different spreadsheets for each brand with which we work - tracking orders, invoices to reconcile shipments, commission, not to mention an incredibly massive and overwhelming list of current and target accounts... it was a full time job to simply stay on top of managing the logistics of our business! And there were still things left on the table that we were not able to get to - like mapping out current and target accounts for quick, easy distribution answers. Enter Seladex. Seladex changed the game for us - it allowed us to centralize all of our spreadsheets into one visible, robust, collaborative platform. Not only that, but we're also able to run reports easily and efficiently. The filtering options and built in automation make it effortless to look at, for example, active accounts vs target accounts, by brand or rep! The time that it saves is well worth the investment and it effectively pays for itself as we are now able to spend the time we're saving selling!

abria @ dream catcher

Abria Allen

Dreamcatcher Sales, Dallas TX

"We have been able to eliminate a million spreadsheets, now we have access to our numbers at all times, in one shot."

Lisa @ Showroom Delfina

Lisa Hickey

Showroom Delfina, New York, NY

"Seladex has allowed us to remain extremely organized, we are able to constantly see a snapshot of our business." 

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