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In our latest spotlight at Seladex, we had the pleasure of sitting down with the founders of Myn Showroom, Renee and Rebecca. They shared their journey in the fashion industry, insights on the evolution of their showroom, and how staying adaptable and relevant has been key to their success.

Q (Seladex Representative): Let's start with the basics - tell us about Myn Showroom and how you both embarked on this fashion journey.


A (Renee and Rebecca): Myn Showroom, founded in June 2011, is the brainchild of two friends who met at Lisa Kline in Los Angeles. Our journey from retail to creating a showroom in Dallas reflects our passion for fashion and the desire to be closer to home. Our showroom name, 'Myn,' originates from a fun memory of hiding coveted fashion pieces from colleagues, always declaring "that's mine!"


Q: How has your early experience in the industry shaped Myn Showroom's approach today?


A: Those early days were exciting, working amidst celebrities and top brands. This experience significantly influences our showroom's style and operations. We aim to blend personal style with market trends, ensuring our collections resonate with our customer base.


Q: The pandemic brought many challenges. How did Myn Showroom adapt during these times?


A: Adapting was key. We shifted to digital platforms like Zoom for client interactions, which, surprisingly, many of our clients preferred. This approach allowed them to connect with us conveniently, a practice we continue even now.


Q: What philosophy drives your selection of brands and styles for the showroom?


A: It's a mix of personal style and understanding what sells in our market. We strive to offer a diverse range – from denim to accessories – aiming to be a one-stop-shop for our clients.


Q: As veterans in the fashion industry, what advice would you give to newcomers?


A: Start anywhere, but retail experience is crucial. It's about building connections and understanding sales. Once you're in, the opportunities to grow are endless.


Q: How has Seladex transformed the way you manage your business?


A: Seladex has been a game-changer for us. Transitioning from paper-based systems to digital order tracking and management has streamlined our operations, allowing us more time to focus on growth and client relationships.



Renee and Rebecca's journey with Myn Showroom is a testament to their resilience, innovation, and understanding of the fashion industry. Their collaboration with Seladex further highlights the importance of technology in enhancing business efficiency. We thank them for their time and insights, and we look forward to seeing Myn Showroom's continued success!



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